[Nelug] Festive hardware giveaway...

Andy Wakeman andy.wakeman at ntlworld.com
Wed Dec 27 15:27:41 UTC 2006

At 22:17 24/12/2006, you wrote:
>As I'm based in North Shields and you're in Ferry Hill (did i get that
>right?), then depending on where Andy is based, i may be able to drop
>the stuff off for him on the way back...
>Andy, please let us know where you're based... Craig, please let me know
>if you want rid of the stuff next week, and a suitable time... (and of
>course, your address off list)

I'm a little away from the pair of you in Redcar, so probably not a 
simple drop off.  I'm hoping to have my car back on the road by the 
first weekend of the New Year , or early the second week.


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