[Nelug] January 2006 Newsletter

NELUG Administrator nelug-admin at nelug.org.uk
Wed Jan 11 00:18:47 UTC 2006

January 2005 Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 17th January, in the bar at
Durham rowing club.

For the benefit of new members, this is generally a social event, where
we tend to discuss any number of topics (Linux or not).

The start time of the meeting it set as 20:00, but there is usually
someone there from about 19:30, it tends to go on till about 22:00 - 22:30.

Hope to see you there.

Nelug Unified Lending Library (null)

The Nelug Unified Lending Library is a collection of books, magazines
and CDs.

At the moment, this is a box which I bring with me to the meetings,
anyone is welcome to borrow whatever they like... free of charge!

Once you have finished with a book or CD borrowed from the library,
please return them so that others can borrow them...

Also, if you have any books, recent magazines, or CDs you would
like to add to the collection, please feel free to bring them along,
and i'll add them to the box.

Hardware Swaps

Hardware will often change hands at the meetings, so if you have
something that you no longer need, you can bring it along with you, but
if it's a bulky item, it may be worth posting a message to the list first.


Well, I don't seem to have had much time to continue working on the new
mambo / joomla based website, but i do intend to do something with it...

Volunteers are welcome to offer help with the transition from the old
website to the new one... just email me for whatever rights...

If you are a mambo / joomla fan, and can design new themes, i'm sure we
could use a good one...

I have setup a wiki, which also hasn't had anything done to it, but you
can have a play with it if you like (http://wiki.nelug.org.uk).

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