[Nelug] A couple of odds and ends

Douglas Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Wed Jul 12 12:25:35 UTC 2006

I have mentioned in the past my head and the problem of having rushes of 
blood to it.

My latest mishap involves my old Canon Powershot S1 IS which finally 
gave up the ghost with the infamous E18 error 
(http://homepage.tinet.ie/~e18/). After bouncing it off a couple of 
walls, which didn't appear to fix it, I threw it in the bin. What wasn't 
at all clever was forgetting to remove the 1GB fast CF card that was 
still inside, and realising the day after the binmen had been. A 
particularly expressive Doh! (or variation thereoff) was called for here.

My Palm Tungsten E didn't appreciate being kept in my back pocket and 
the screen cracked in way of protest. I priced up replacements and 
decided that I'd be just as well going for the Tungsten E2 rather than 
trying to get a 2nd user Tungsten E (which has dreadful battery life 
anyway). I bought a Viking 2GB SD flash card at the same time. That 
should hold most of my favourite mp3s. It does. It's just a pity, as I 
checked later, that the Tungsten E2 only supports SD cards up to 1GB.

Can you guess where this is leading ... ?

Would anyone be interested in swapping a Viking 2GB SD flash card for a 
1GB SD flash card (now is that a bargain or what), or for a compact 
flash card?

Would anyone like a spare Palm power lead? The one for the Tungsten E? 
It's a completely different design to the one that came with my Tungsten E2.


PS: I'm not at next tuesday's nelug but I should be at the one after that.

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