[Nelug] Kit up for grabs...

Scott Wilcox sc0tt at x0f.org
Wed Jul 12 12:29:13 UTC 2006

Hey Richard,

Do you think you could find out how much it'd cost to ship the Dell P4 
down to Staffordshire? I'd be more than willing to pay for it, and that 
machine would really help me out as my parents machine died on Sunday. I 
could wire/paypal you the cash.


Richard Patterson wrote:
> Hey all,
> Ok, my study is starting to fill up with stuff again, and my wife ain't
> happy, so I have some kit that i need to get rid of... Some of it is
> better than the "Free to a good home" stuff, so if you're interested in
> buying any of this stuff, contact me directly...
> Normally, this stuff would go on ebay, but I'll give you first refusal...
> 1 x A-Open Server - 5 x 18.2GB SCSI Disks with a hardware RAID
> controller (Raid 5) - I will be putting this back to it's original spec
> of Dual PIII 1GHz, not sure about ram yet :-) (I will be removing the
> tape drives)
> 1 x Dell Dimension 8100 - P4 1.7GHz 256MB RDRAM!!!, 40GB HDD
> 1 x Generic PC with KT7 Motherboard (Dougie?), Athlon 850 (I have a 1000
> i might put in it...), 20GB HDD (might also upgrade the HDD)
> If you want more info about one or all, let me know, or if you're
> interested, drop me a mail with an offer ;-)
> Regards
> Richard
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