[Nelug] Temporary venue requirements

NELUG Administrator nelug-admin at nelug.org.uk
Sat Jul 29 20:55:26 UTC 2006

Hi All,

All of you should by now be aware of the location where the monthly
meetings are held... Durham Amateur Rowing Club.

Some of you will also be aware that the club is due to be re-developed,
which once complete will provide excellent facilities for NELUG.

However, there is a little bit of a problem; the existing building will
be pulled down, and rebuilt. This will leave NELUG in the predicament of
not having somewhere to meet during this period.

This in itself is a bit of a problem, even worse is that the development
work is due to start in September! The development work is expected to
take around 6 months.

At the moment, I'm not sure if next month's meeting will be the last we
can hold at the club, or if we'll be there in September too...

Getting to the point of the email:

We need somewhere to meet, for the duration of the re-development work.
If you know somewhere, or even if you work somewhere that would be
willing to house the group during this time, please let me know ASAP.

Obviously, as NELUG doesn't have any funds, we could not even consider
anywhere where we would need to pay to hire a room, etc.

Obviously, as the group currently meet in Durham, it would be preferable
to keep it that way.

Yes, I know it's a tall order, but if we could still get beer, it would
be even better ;-) (Or even just a decent size coke for a decent price).



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