[Nelug] Cheap external or internal hd's

Aleksander Helgaker aleksander.helgaker at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 10:28:17 UTC 2006

Currently looking into getting an external hard drive to install Linux on. I
use windows quite a bit (don't kill me :) ) and I've never liked running
windows and Linux of the same hd as I think it's much easier to maintain if
they have each their hd. Especially seeing as I sometimes chose to reinstall
windows or upgrade to a new edition in which case the mbr get rewritten to
use the windows boot loader. Therefore I'm in search of a cheap hd to
install Linux on. I don't need much storage space as I won't be using it for
things like music and video, etc. So I was wondering if anyone has any hd's
lying around which they don't use anymore which they would be willing to
part with for a price. If it's a usb based external drive that would be
perfect, if not I'll just buy a an enclosure for it (what do they cost in

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