[Nelug] Turning my old laptop into a dedicated cd/ogg player

Eddy Younger e.j.younger at durham.ac.uk
Tue Oct 10 08:35:32 UTC 2006

Aleksander Helgaker writes:
 > I have an old laptop lying around, but there's no point chucking it when one
 > can mess around with linux on it, is there :).
 > I have no cd player, and I listen to a lot of cd's. So why not turn my old
 > laptop into a cd/ogg player? Now what I want advice for is choosing a
 > distro. The only thing I want is a cd/ogg media player. I don't want office
 > tools, games, web browsers, web tools, or anything like that. I want this to
 > boot up as fast as possible so it needs to be really lightwait. Is the best
 > way to doing this customizing my own distro?

Slackware. 11.0 just released. Doesn't fit on one cd any more, but
lightweight, fast and secure.


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