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Subject: 	ANNOUNCE: Proposed North Of England Perlmongers group
Date: 	Sat, 2 Sep 2006 16:47:27 +0100
From: 	charles colbourn <charlesc at colbourn.net>
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Any chance you could circulate this announcement on your mailing list?




Thanks to the comments of various people over the last few days at YAPC::EU,
 I seem to have talked myself into arranging a perlmongers group.

Currently there's a big gap in the map between Nottingham and Edinburgh,
relieved only by a red dot in Hull. While that would be OK-ish for me (at
least some of the time) it's not a lot of help for perlers in Leeds,
Manchester, and points further north and west - I guess Nottingham is
reasonably close for those in the Sheffield area. The WYPUG.pm group listed
at pm.org seems to be inactive. From conversations with the potential members
who were present at YAPC::EU, the idea would be to have quarterly meetings,
varying venue to try and keep things fair to everyone. Manchester and Leeds
are candidates for a first meeting, as they are reasonably central and well
served by public transport.

We're provisionally calling this the NorthOfEngland.pm group. Anyone
interested in joining can subscribe to the temporary mailing list
http://g0n.net/mailman/listinfo/northofengland.pm. When you subscribe to the
list, please post a message introducing yourself, giving some indication of
where you're located.



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