[Nelug] Getting certifications

George Chlapoutakis darksyn at secbible.org
Sat Sep 30 00:17:16 UTC 2006


When I looked into the matter LPI was about the cheapest, price-wise,  
with the redhat being the most expensive of them all. LPI is quite  
okay, skills-wise, but reading through the books I found out that  
anyone who's done a stint as a linux sysadmin can sail through it.

Personally, having been a member of a large number of prominent  
mailing lists where people essentially paraded their certifications  
around, I consider them to be just another piece of paper one uses to  
get companies to hire them, and nothing really more than that.

If you want to do something of this sort, though, LPI might be your  
first port of call, as it will give you something that's universally  
recognised, will be cheap enough to not bankrupt you and will give  
you a taste of what certifications are like in general.

Let us know, though, what your investigation into the matter turns up  
(yours and anyone else's, of course).


PS: Appologies for missing meetings, but things have been happening.  
I, however, now have a car of my own, so unless the next meeting  
coincides with a lecture/meeting I have to attend for the university  
I should be able (1) to come over.

(1) Be prepared for a phonecall/e-mail saying " Arghhh!!! I'm lost!!!  
How do I get to <name of place>???", ROFL!!!

On 29 Sep 2006, at 23:49, Aleksander Helgaker wrote:

> Seeing as I've got so much spare time I've decided to take some  
> certificates for linux. I've started working on the LPI test. I was  
> just wondering if there are any other certificates that might be  
> worth taking. I see red hat has certification available, but I  
> presume that the exams are rather expensive. Does anyone know what  
> such an exam would cost?
> -- 
> Aleksander
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