[Nelug] DNS

jannetta at henning.org jannetta at henning.org
Tue Apr 10 22:02:36 UTC 2007

Hi Scott

For a web front-end, I would recommend webmin (http://www.webmin.com/). I
think it is really good and you can also then see what it does to the
configuration files in case you want to change things manually or
understand better what you are doing.


> Does anyone here know a good tutorial or resource for setting up and
> managing bind on Slackware? :> I need to do some DNS work and hosting
> for some of my domains, and I figure I should start learning now.
> Any help/info/package details etc would be most useful. I'd love to get
> something with a web frontend too, as that would make it most useful to
> me.
> Scott.
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