[Nelug] Swaps

Douglas Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Mon Jan 8 17:41:05 UTC 2007

I have:

Trust TB-2100 Wireless Tablet mouse. Bought from Tesco about 6 months 
ago for 25 quid. Ok if you happen to like this sort of thing. I've 
discovered I don't. See 
http://www.trust.com/products/product.aspx?artnr=12052 and 
for details and reviews. Driver disk lost but you can just download the 
latest from the website anyway. Works fine under XP Home. Not tried it 
with anything else.

Belkin Wireless adapter Notebook Network Card. 802.11g. Part # F5D7011. 
Searching on Belkin website redirects to part no F5D7010 which looks the 
Bought as a 'Return' from John Lewis in Newcastle some time ago for 
20quid. Still boxed with manual and drivers and untried.

I *might* part with a D-Link AirPlus G+ DWL-G520+ Wireless PCI Adapter. 
Currently sitting in my linux box waiting for me to recompile the kernel 
and figure out all that madwifi stuff. Alteranatively I could just stick 
with a wired connection and lose the wireless card.

(Probably broken) SCSI Plexwriter 12/10/32S PX-W1210TS CD rewriter that 
doesn't seem to work. The fan works at the rear of the unit but the door 
won't open.

(Probably mostly broken) M7MKA mobo 
(http://www.hexus.net/content/item.php?item=16) with Athlon 750 
Condition unknown. I tried to power it up but it got a bit hot. This may 
not be unconnected with the lack of a a heatsink or fan on the 
processor. Must pay more attention.

I'm looking for USB webcams that will work with linux.


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