[Nelug] ADSL outages

Richard Mortimer richm at oldelvet.org.uk
Tue Jan 30 12:18:30 UTC 2007

Hi All,
The following may be of interest to the ADSL nightowls
at affected BT exchanges. Note I got the information from
Freedom2Surf but as it says it applies to all ISPs using
the affected exchanges.

Please be advised that to enable an essential network upgrade,
BT will be carrying out planned engineering work on 4000
exchanges starting Mon 29 January 2007 over a period of 8 weeks.
A spreadsheet is available containing information on when BT are
scheduled to work on which exchanges. It is available for
download here :-
The engineering work will be conducted between the hours of
00:01 - 06:00 each night and customers on scheduled individual
DSLAM's should expect to experience a downtime period of
approximately 30 minutes. The maintenance work will only effect
the DSLAM's scheduled for maintenance, and will affect all users
connected to them no matter which ISP the user is with. If you
find you are unable to connect to your broadband service after
the work has been completed, we would appreciate it if you could
fully reboot your broadband equipment by powering down for a
minimum of 30 seconds before switching it back on and trying
to re-connect again. We would like to apologise in advance
for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Richard Mortimer

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