[Nelug] Do Routers go Bad?

Douglas Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Tue Mar 13 17:05:04 UTC 2007

Richard Patterson wrote:
> Douglas Nisbet wrote:
>> Or is it my exchange? Line? BT? Or something else...
>> I've had a few problems with my broadband and I need to check whether
>> my router is not helping. It hasn't packed up. Working fine but
>> retraining several times a day. That could be the exchange, which
>> according to http://usertools.plus.net/exchanges/ (NEDU exchange) is
>> at capacity.
>> I've noticed hissing on the line which dissapears when  I disconnect
>> the router. So I tried three spare filters and the hiss is still there
>> when the router is connected. It didn't always do this. I'm reluctant
>> to think that the router is failing, and think it's unlikely it would
>> fail 'gradually'. It's a Zyxel Prestige P652R-11 (which is
>> discontinued now).
> Might be a silly question, but do you have a filter on the socket where
> the phone is connected? (You need a filter on every socket that you use)
Definitely. (Not a silly question I mean, but definitely got filters 
(different vendors too). It's completely 'stripped down' at the moment 
anyway to try and eliminate variables. One phone, one router, one 
> I have a SpeedTouch 536 router - It has a single Ethernet connection,
> and that's it... you could borrow it for a short period.
> Regards
> Richard
That would be absolutely great. I'd be very grateful. I'd probably only 
need it for a few minutes to see if it also provided hiss, a bit longer 
to see whether it was stable. Would between two monthly meetings be too 
long? Is it the model at 
http://www.dsl-warehouse.co.uk/product.asp?pr=ST536 ?

Is this a spare? Perhaps I could buy it off you if it works ok with my 


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