[Nelug] Rowing Club

Dougie Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Mon Sep 3 20:01:58 UTC 2007

We didn't really come to any consensus at the last meeting about how to 
pay our way for using the club for our meetings. Perhaps we could do a 
quick 'straw-poll' and see what people think.

I'm quite happy to pay £15/year to become a social member. I suppose it 
depends on how many other regulars would also feel this way. Perhaps we 
could suggest that if the regulars were willing to become members, and 
newcomers were given a grace period of, say, a couple of months, then 
we'd have a system where newcomers would be expected to join if they 
wished to carry on coming along.

We're not a big crowd as it is and the fear is that if someone turns up 
for a look to see how things are, and immediately have to pay a couple 
of quid, they might not be too keen.

The problem with my proposal is that, I think, there are too few of us 
regulars to come close to hitting the £120/year that the club are 
suggesting. Having said that, it might be more profitable for the club 
than the people who do turn up paying a couple of quid each!


PS. I'm running the GNR for the British Heart Foundation at the end of 
the month. If you like you can throw me a few crumbs at www.shadywood.co.uk

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