[Nelug] Talks at meetings

Nelug Admin nelug-admin at nelug.org.uk
Tue Sep 4 23:22:17 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I'm just after an idea of what topics the members would like to be
covered by way of talks / demos at the meetings.

The meetings could certainly do with a bit more structure, maybe start
with social (while people arrive), do some talks / demos / whatever,
then finish on a social basis.

In previous discussions, the whole beginner vs advanced topics came
up... Some topics would be too advanced for beginners, while the topics
that would suite the beginners would be too basic for the more advanced
users. What are your thoughts?

If there was a published agenda for each meeting, with information about
the topic(s) to be covered at the meeting, would you be more likely to
attend, even if it involved paying? How much would you be willing to pay
to attend the meeting?

Would you be willing to do a talk? If so what topic would you like to cover.

I hope this might trigger some interesting posts.




Richard Patterson (nelug-admin)
North East Linux User Group

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