[Nelug] Fried mobo? AM2. Wont start.

Scott Wilcox sc0tt at x0f.org
Wed Sep 26 17:22:45 UTC 2007

I cant get as fa as BIOS.  It literally will not start.  At all.  No
fans, no beep code, no graphics nothing.
> On 9/26/07, *Scott Wilcox* < sc0tt at x0f.org <mailto:sc0tt at x0f.org>> wrote:
>     Along with what Dougie said, I'd check that the board isn't using
>     'cool
>     'n quiet' either. I've had many issues with that feature with it not
>     even working at times. That lead to the CPU fan not spinning quick
>     enough and my machine just dying.
>     Scott.
>     Dougie Nisbet wrote:
>     > James Grabham wrote:
>     >> OK, PC randomly sut down, and wouldnt switch back on.  Never a good
>     >> thing.  Power light on case works fine.  CPU fan will twich when
>     >> power button is pressed.  I tried a different PSU, and the
>     usual PSU
>     >> works fine in another PC.  I dont do any overclocking.
>     >>
>     > Any possibility that it could be overheating? I had this for a while
>     > when  I moved my PC onto a carpet, and it no longer got ventilation
>     > from underneath. Took me ages to track it down because it usually
>     > happened overnight during the virus scan. What was happening was
>     that
>     > I had the BIOS configured to auto shutdown if the mobo and/or cpu
>     > temperature exceeded a certain threshold. Normally it was ok but
>     > during the night when it was doing the virus scan it appeared to
>     > overheat.
>     >
>     > Bit of a long shot, but might be worth checking your BIOS
>     settings for
>     > temperature and ventilation generally.
>     >
>     > Dougie
Definately dead board for me then.
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