[Nelug] Backup Solution

Richard Mortimer richm at oldelvet.org.uk
Wed Sep 26 20:20:05 UTC 2007

See http://www.bacula.org/

That backs things up across the network. Runs on Linux, Solaris,
Winslows etc. It runs in client/server mode with SD (storage daemon
that store to tape, disk or dvd), FD (file daemon - that reads the
files off of the client - one per machine to be backed up) and
director (that schedules things - one probably on the same machine
as SD).

It does encryption on the FD client so the SD never sees the raw
data. Volume rotation is done automatically to the schedule that
you define. The only thing that might be an issue for you is the
speed of backups over the wire for your remote machines. But if
that is a problem you could run a local SD on those machines and
then rsync the backup volumes after the backup.

If that sounds useful we could talk about bacula at the next group
meeting. I can bring some sample configs along and we could work
out something that fits your needs.


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> Hey Folks.
> I have an interesting situation that I'd like to share with you, and
> hopefully get a little insight into how you think I could perform an
> operation successfully and pretty much fully automated. I have a linux
> server that runs at home, which houses various content. Its a fast
> enough machine, plenty of RAM and tons of diskspace. I have a 
> hard disk
> in the machine that is specifically for backups.
> I also have five windows machines on this local network, which also
> could do with running backups too, preferably nightly. This 
> is where it
> becomes interesting. At work, we have a further two machines, which I
> want to backup nightly too, and shoot them securely over the 
> net, to my
> home machine. We also have a few customers machines that I'd like to
> backup data from too, consisting of linux machines, windows 
> machines and
> a couple of macbooks.
> I need a solution (preferably one that I can write myself really) that
> can house the backups, sort when needed, delete old ones 
> (muchos scripts
> methinks!) but most of all accept the backups from other machines. I'd
> love to be able to encrypt the backups too, especially for the ones
> being transmitted over the net.
> Has anyone done anything like this or similar, and if so how did you
> manage to do it, and is it successful?
> Scott.
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