[Nelug] Sharing CD-ROM over Samba on Fedora 9

Daniel Tweedy daniel.tweedy at gmail.com
Sat May 24 06:59:14 UTC 2008

Hi All,

I was just wondering if any of you have any experience of sharing a 
cd-rom over samba, i'm not having very much luck in getting it working 
you see, have googled and search a lot and I think I am very close to 
getting it working, but am kinda stuck as to what else I could do from 
where I am, so I am really looking for a few pointers/tips/ideas.

comment = CD-ROM
path = /cdrom
writable = no
locking = no
public = yes
read only = yes
valid users = %S

This is what i'm using at the moment and it shows up on the windows pc 
but it asks for a password when I try to connect, but none of the users 
set up on the box or in the smbpasswd file work and root doesn't work 
either, it just keeps poping up asking for the password again no matter 
what I try.


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