[Nelug] Sharing CD-ROM over Samba on Fedora 9

Tim tim at monkeyx.net
Sun May 25 07:06:27 UTC 2008

Daniel can you please share output of df -k. Hopefully your cd rom uis
mounted and availabe directly from Linux? If not it needs to be.

The path shown via df -k needs to match what is shown in your smb.conf file.
Ie set following sections 

path = /cdrom
preexec = /bin/mount /cdrom
postexec = /bin/umount /cdrom

Are you running selinux, if so have you run the two state

setsebool -P samba_enable_home_dirs on
And have you noted this :-

# If you create a new directory you want to share you should mark it as
# "samba-share_t" so that selinux will let you write into it.

I nornmally siable selinux on my systems as it complictates a lot of things!
You could always turn it back on once everything works as you want and then
fix the parts that selinux disables.

It could be that this is affecting which ip addresses can access shares 
	hosts allow = 192.168.1.

In relation to user access permissions see this link


Setting guest access may help?
guest ok = Yes 

Hope above helps.


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Hi Richard,

My logs are empty nothing in them.... When I try to access cdrom it has a
good long hard think about it (20-30 seconds) then comes up with

\\Epia\cdrom is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this
network resource....

There isn't a /cdrom folder no

Where is the best place to put this directory ? should I just create it in
the root of the filesystem ?


Richard Patterson wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> First off, try looking in the logs (in /var/log/samba), it might give 
> you a clue as to what the problem is.
> Does the directory you are sharing exist?
> I copied your [cdrom] section into my samba config, and was prompted 
> for username / password, then an error "System error 53 has occurred.
> The network path was not found."
> Once I created /cdrom, i was able to connect without a problem...
> Hope this helps,
> Richard

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