[Nelug] Slightly Off Topic: Invoicing/Service Providing

Brian Ronald brian at ppcis.org
Wed May 28 13:51:05 UTC 2008

Marcel Hecko wrote:
> Hey Scott,
> I have ended up writing my own code like that based on PHP and MySQL -
> it took me about 4 hours - Im free to consult the system with you,
> although my code is far from being stable enough and flexible to be
> opened up.

"Not stable or flexible enough" shouldn't stop you opening up.  I use a
web based MP3 player at home.  Some guy in Canada scratched an itch, and
wrote a couple of perl scripts that exactly matched his needs.  They
didn't quite match mine, but altering his scripts was still easier then
starting from scratch, and I didn't even care that I had to change all
the hard-coded file paths etc.  All he did was throw them on a web page,
declaring them free.  He described what they did, but not how.  He still
saved me a bunch of work.


So, if you have something that works, and you grok the whole free
software idea, then do chuck it out into the wide world.  You might save
somebody from having to reinvent your wheel.


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