[Nelug] Slightly Off Topic: Invoicing/Service Providing

Marcel Hecko maco at maco.sk
Wed May 28 18:33:52 UTC 2008

Will upload it today or tomorrow then :)


Scott Wilcox wrote:
> Brian Ronald wrote:
>> Marcel Hecko wrote:
>>> Hey Scott,
>>> I have ended up writing my own code like that based on PHP and MySQL -
>>> it took me about 4 hours - Im free to consult the system with you,
>>> although my code is far from being stable enough and flexible to be
>>> opened up.
>> "Not stable or flexible enough" shouldn't stop you opening up.  I use a
>> web based MP3 player at home.  Some guy in Canada scratched an itch, and
>> wrote a couple of perl scripts that exactly matched his needs.  They
>> didn't quite match mine, but altering his scripts was still easier then
>> starting from scratch, and I didn't even care that I had to change all
>> the hard-coded file paths etc.  All he did was throw them on a web page,
>> declaring them free.  He described what they did, but not how.  He still
>> saved me a bunch of work.
>> http://vektor.ca/audio/mp3player/
>> So, if you have something that works, and you grok the whole free
>> software idea, then do chuck it out into the wide world.  You might save
>> somebody from having to reinvent your wheel.
>> Brian
> Agreed, you may save me a bunch of time :) Plus, whatever changes I 
> need to can make easily and quickly. I think the homebrew route is 
> looking more likely, no prewritten software seems to match what I'm 
> looking for.
> Scott.
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