[Durham] October meeting: anyone know anything about VPN?

Scott Wilcox scott at tig.gr
Mon Oct 19 15:16:19 UTC 2009

Hey Doug,

That's useful for me if there aren't any takers at the meeting.


On 19 Oct 2009, at 16:09, Dougie Nisbet wrote:

> At last month's (September) meeting someone, and I apologise for
> forgetting your name, (Ian?) was telling me about using VPN to access
> his home network. I've always steered clear of VPN because:
>    - I have no idea what it is
>    - I have no idea how it works
>    - I can't see what use it is to me
>    - it involves security and stuff
> With the advances in mobile internet and broadband dongles and what  
> have
> you I think I may try and find out a bit more. I'm motivated by  
> having a
> couple of webcams at home that I'd like to keep an eye on. In the past
> I've written some unruly scripts for album
> (http://marginalhacks.com/Hacks/album/) and uploaded bits to some
> webpages. Why bother if I can just phone home? Like I say, I've always
> run away in the past as I think I'd need to change some settings on my
> router to allow certain incoming traffic. It should be apparent that I
> only have the vaguest idea of what I'm talking about here, but if  
> anyone
> fancies giving me a piece of their mind on the subject tomorrow  
> night I
> shall be all ears and beerfully grateful. If there's anything I could
> install (Ubuntu 9.04) on my laptop let me know and I'll do it before  
> the
> meeting. Or to change on my router, an elderly Zyxel Prestige.
> Talking of which; Richard - I upgraded the memory in the laptop to 2GB
> and took out the original 512MB piece that was in there. It's no use  
> to
> me. I'll bring it along tomorrow in case it's any use to you,  
> otherwise
> free to anyone else who wants it. (from a Tosh Equium A80-132).
> cheers
> Dougie
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