[Durham] MythTV box hardware recommendations

Richard Patterson richard at helpquick.co.uk
Mon Feb 15 17:24:57 UTC 2010

Martin Ward wrote:
> Does anyone have experience setting up a MythTV box?
> My idea is to build something more flexible than the usual DVD recorder
> which will fit in the space behind the TV (so, not a full-sixed PC case!)
> I am thinking something like the ACER REVO R3600 (which has wifi and HDMI)
> with a USB dvd recorder (for copying to DVD disks) and a duel USB DVB-T tuner
> with remote control.
> Since I will be just recording and replaying DVB streams, I assume I won't
> need a lot of CPU power (no recoding needed: at least, not in real time).
> What are your recommendations?
I did setup a MythTV box a while ago... but I think things will have 
moved on a bit since I did it.

At the time, USB DVB-T boxes were quite well supported, not sure about 
the dual receiver ones...

Not sure if the remote control stuff has improved, but I couldn't get it 
working at the time, and it didn't matter anyway - i watched it on the PC.



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