[Durham] dual boot install strategy and order

Richard Mortimer richm at oldelvet.org.uk
Wed Jan 27 09:29:35 UTC 2010


On 27/01/2010 09:18, Dougie Nisbet wrote:
> Richard Mortimer wrote:
>> Just let XP install how it wants to and then pop the Karmic install
>> media in. Karmic will happily repartition your disk to create space for
>> itself and will setup grub so that it includes XP in the boot menu.
>> I've resized/repartitioned NTFS drives a few times and it seems to work
>> quite nicely. If you are doing a clean install of XP then the only risk
>> you run is having to reinstall if it breaks - but I don't think it will!
> Given the choice between allowing the XP install CD to partition the
> drive (I'm assuming it does, I can't remember, it's been so looong) or
> to do an install on the entire disk and allow Karmic to repartition,
> what would be best?

Its a long time since I installed XP (I normally repartition to make way 
for other things) but I don't really remember that XP gives you the 
choice. After all what else would you want on your machine other than XP.

I'd just let XP do its normal install and then let Karmic repartition it 
all up after the fact. Life's much easier that way.


>> ebuyer or similar sell usb drive caddies for about £7. Get one of those
>> and you have an extra external disk with no need for taking the main
>> drive out.
> sorted. Ordered one of ebay for a fiver. Chuffed.
Yeah I've got a couple now and they are pretty useful. One word of 
warning I'm not sure how mechanically solid these things are so don't 
expect it to be a rugged portable drive! I tend to use mine as 
backup/temporary disks that live on the desk rather than living in a 


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