[Durham] Inserting silence or reducing volume in video

Ian MacKenzie ian.mackenzie at inbox.com
Sat Dec 24 17:37:57 UTC 2011

I had loaded up PiTiVi with a view to giving it a try, so I've just had a quick play.
When you import a video clip the audio level can easily be adjusted - a double click on the red level line marks a point: you put in a series of points wherever you like and can then pull up or down the level between points.

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> Subject: [Durham] Inserting silence or reducing volume in video
> I'm looking at avidemux and trying to work out how to select a bit of
> video and remove the audio from that selection. Does anyone have any
> tips? I've never used video editing software before and my searches have
> brought me to avidemux and cinelerra. Is there an easier way?
> It's MOV format shot on a digital camera.
> Dougie
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