[Durham] Calling C code from Java

Richard Mortimer richm at oldelvet.org.uk
Wed Aug 29 22:55:47 UTC 2012

On 29/08/2012 22:31, Martin Ward wrote:
> Are there any Java programmers out there that I can ask
> a few questions about calling C functions from Java?
I've done a small amount of calling C from Java.

Feel free to ask questions here and I'll see if I know the answer.

The following might help you out in the meantime...

One of the easiest ways to access C from Java is to use JNA

I must admit its been a while since I played with JNA and I don't know 
how availability differs between Sun (Oracle) Java and OpenJDK. I do 
know that its moved to github these days so it tends to suggest that it 
has escaped somewhat from Oracle these days.

There are a few (open source) examples of JNA usage in Jenkins 
(continuous integration server for those who haven't come across it)

Specifically bindings to GNU C library methods in

That should be enough to get you started.



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