[Durham] Printers

Peter Grandi pg at dulug.for.sabi.co.UK
Thu Feb 16 22:07:11 UTC 2012

> Can anyone recommend a cheap monochrome laser printer which
> works with linux?

The difficulty with that is that really cheap printers usually
require a sw engine to produce the page, while the easiest way
to print from GNU/Linux distros is to a printer with PostScript
or PostScript emulation built in. Built in duplex is also very
useful, as doing is by hand is error prone.

Samsung and a few other provide GNU/Linux/CUPS drivers for non
PostScript printers, and some of their intermediate models
support PCL 5 but not PostScript, and PCL 5 is good enough, and
their cheapest model woth PCL5 and duplex is around £100.

But usually the cheapest PostScript printers are done by
Kyocera, and they tend to be cheap to run and very reliable, but
with an a higher initial cost. The cheapest one costs around
£180, and for £200 you get one with a network interface.

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