[Durham] Swap usage by process

Richard Patterson Richard at helpquick.co.uk
Fri Mar 23 06:03:33 UTC 2012

Hi Olly,

Thanks - but did you forget to attach the script?



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> This one's for Dougie following this week's meeting -- the attached file is a
> better script for analysing swap usage as reported by /proc/*/smaps.
> Save it somewhere, chmod it so that it's executable, and run it (possibly via
> sudo if you can't read all of the files in /proc/*/smaps) and it will output swap
> usage (in kB), process PID and process name.
> You can bung it though sort -n to order by swap usage.
> Random note 1: http://weather.ou.edu/~apw/projects/stress/ (which is in
> the Debian archives as package 'stress') was very useful for making my
> system return non-zero results with this script.
> Random note 2: I haven't programmed in perl in a couple of years, and I've
> forgotten *everything*.  Writing that script was far harder than it should
> have been, and I completely failed to come up with a utterly obfuscated one-
> liner, which was my real goal.
> Random note 3: I've absolutely no idea how accurate the smaps information
> is.  Google might know that.
> - olly

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