[Durham] Computer books, free to a good home

Oliver Burnett-Hall olly at burnett-hall.co.uk
Sun Oct 7 16:36:54 UTC 2012

I'm trying to reduce the amount of dead tree I've got cluttering up my
spare room, including a purge of my computer books.  If anyone wants to
take any off my hands let me know and I'll bring them along to the next
LUG meeting.  If not then they'll end up at a charity shop.  Here's
what I've got:

'The C Programming Language' (second edition) by Kernighan and
Ritchie, pub. Prentice Hall (a.k.a. *The* C book).  Poor condition, with
a bit of water damage.

'Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software' by
Gamma, Helm, Johnson and Vlissides, pub. Pearson Education (a.k.a. the
Gang of Four book). A dodgy grey market edition, very flimsly and a bit

'Accelerated C++' by Koenig and Moo, pub. Addison Wesley.

'Mastering Regular Expressions' (second edition) by Jeffrey
Friedl, pub. O'Reilly.

'Effective C++: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and
Design' (second edition) by Scott Meyers, pub. Addison Wesley.

'Working Effectively With Legacy Code' by Michael C Feathers, pub.
Prentice Hall.

'Cocoon: Building XML Applications' by Matthew Langham and Carsten
Ziegeler, pub. New Riders.

'Learning XML' by Erik T Ray, pub. O'Reilly.

'The Best of Verity Stob' by Verity Stob.  Not a programming book, but
it's very funny and will appeal to any older geeks.

- olly

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