[Durham] fstab and mounting drives at boot

Andrew Glass andrewglass3 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 20:25:22 UTC 2014

Hey guys

Something weird is happening with my debian server.

Ive got a hp microserver N54L and Ive popped a 500gb, 1tb. 1.5tb and 2tb
hard drive in it.  Ive installed the OS to the 500gig however once I popped
the other drives in and mounted them via fstab.  On one reboot they will
mount correctly then on the next reboot the boot drive will move from
/dev/sda to /dev/sdd.. Its driving me potty, Did installing the OS before I
popped the extra drives in make a difference to this?

Is there anything I can do to solve this issue?

I was previously running ubuntu on the server but that was installed onto
the internal usb pen and it ran fine.  I only popped the 500gb drive in on
the extra sata port on the board as usb was a tad slow.


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