[Durham] Odroid-U2 Plus Accessories for sale

Andrew Glass andrewglass3 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 19:19:08 UTC 2014

Hey guys

I thought I would inform you of some hardware Im looking to sell before I
pop it on ebay.

I have an odroid-u2 dev board ( quadcore arm cpu with 2gb ram) for sale
with accessories and such.

I'm looking for £75 ono  for it.

The contents that will be posted to the buyer are as follows

1 x Odroid-U2 computer with large black heatsink/case
1 x 8gb eMMC flash card (I run debian from this as the os disk)
1 x micro hdmi to hdmi cable
1 x power supply cable
1 x usb mains power plug
1 x 32gb class 10 micro sd card.
1 x eMMC to Microsd card adaptor
1 x usb2 multicard reader

This is a great little board and is in full working order.

Its currently got debian Jessie on it, but I will flash the required distro
to it if you wish before purchase.

It has been very reliable for a dev board and has handled all my vpn
traffic to my openvpn server in new York since I got it.

I am only selling it as Ive bought a HP N54L Microserver which contains all
my hard disks as well.  Seems pointless for me to be running the hp box and
the odroid at the same time.

Here's is the forum where I get my ARM distro images from


You can also get android for it too.

Drop me a line if you're interested :)

Apologies for any grammar issues got my 2 day old son on my other arm lol.


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