[Durham] Two Broadband Connections, One Wireless Printer. Options?

Martin Ward martin at gkc.org.uk
Fri Jul 4 21:12:20 UTC 2014

On 04/07/14 20:07, Andrew Glass wrote:
> Ive got 2 broadband connections at home, BT and Virgin fibre.
> My girlfriend uses the bt connection and has a wireless canon printer
> attached.  I’m on the fibre.
> The bt connection has a bt home hub as its router, the virgin connection
> has my tplink wdr-3600 router on it.
> Im trying to figure out a way to allow my tower to connect to the
> printer on the other network without having to move cables.

I also have two broadband connections, with a number of devices.
All the machines are on the same network.
Some have static addresses and routes, while others use dhcp:
all the ones that use dhcp are on the same broadband.
I can switch between the two broadband connections just
by deleting the default route and adding a new one:

sudo route del default ; sudo route add default gw 192.168....

Since all the machines are on the same network, they can all
access each other and access the printer etc.
It's only the default route which determines which broadband connection
is used by each machine.


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