[Durham] ADSL and REIN

Richard Patterson richard at helpquick.co.uk
Tue Mar 4 16:19:15 UTC 2014

Hi All,

Does anyone have any ideas on how to track down the source of REIN 
(Random Electrical Impulse Noise) which is disrupting my ADSL?

I have tried the AM radio tuned to 612khz trick, but that's not 
pinpointed anything...

I've been monitoring my ADSL SNR Margin for a while, and what I see is 
this normally sits at around 28db, but often suddenly drops to around 
15db, then slowly reduces from there down to about 4db, then will jump 
back up to 28db.

I have had 3 BT OpenReach engineers out to "fix" this, without success. 
1st engineer put the filtered face plate on, the second did a bit of 
stuff, and switched pairs with another line in my house and at the exchange.

The last engineer did a "lift and shift", so my line is connected to 
different equipment in the exchange, but I'm still having bother with it.

The graph attached shows the last 7 days... at the start of the graph, 
there is little variation on the SNR, but the line was capped at 7Meg, 
with a max speed of just under 8meg. (the scale on the graph is x10 i.e. 
280 is 28.0)

Is it possible that the noise which is affecting my adsl is somewhere in 
the 1.1mhz to 2.2mhz range? since there was no noise when i was capped 
at under 8mb (so probably only using up to 1.1mhz)

If anyone has any ideas, i'd love to hear them.

also if anyone has any clip on rf chokes i can try on the adsl wire, 
that would be great.


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