[Durham] any volunteers for an installfest / skill-share?

David Walland davidwalland at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 22 21:32:37 UTC 2014

Dear Mark,

That's fine.  Mission Control is enthusiastic (she probably thinks it'll
get rid of some of the computer bits around the "office").  I really would
like to build my understanding of Linux, as I used to write a lot of
documentation, as a Radiation Protection Adviser and H&S specialist (my
track record is of finding ways for work to go ahead in safety - I don't
think I ever banned anything in all my 30 years in the field).  I'd love to
write documentation to help others get going with Linux, especially
Xubuntu, which is what I've started with anyway.

I *was* a considerable programmer in my 30s on BBC Bs and 6800 boards,
mostly BASIC and assembler/hex machine code but am no longer able to
concentrate in noisy environments as I once could...  I still have a couple
of projects in mind if I can once get back to programming again.  Systems
programming is easy enough once you know the system well enough.  Writing
the programs is just a little different nowadays...

I think in RPN too, and am still trying to get Free42 onto my Xubuntu
machines (it graces all my Windows machines and Android gadgets).  If my
neighbour hasn't managed to help me with this by then, guess what I'll be
seeking help with...

Anyway, I look forward to meeting you and the other interested parties.



On 22 March 2014 16:34, Barry Titterton <titterton.barry at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 21/03/14 15:05, mark wrote:
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>> Hi all,
>> It was great to meet you on Tuesday evening.
>> I've been thinking for a while about getting some sort of community
>> project going in Durham, with a primary aim of helping people to get
>> started with Linux using unwanted old desktops & laptops.
>> I did this when I used to live in Leeds and it worked pretty well; the
>> necessary ingredients being a room in a community centre (or anywhere
>> really) with decent wifi, a handfull of volunteers who would enjoy
>> liberating windows users for a few hours, a bunch of installation
>> media (perhaps offering a choice depending on different use-cases /
>> age of hardware) and a bit of social media plus traditional forms of
>> publicity to get to the target audience.
>> This seems like an ideal time to do it, with WinXP nearing the end of
>> its life, people wondering if they can afford a new machine just
>> because the OS is dying, not to mention the increase in awareness of
>> privacy and security issues due to Snowden, etc.
>> So, who wants to join in? Has anyone tried this kind of thing around
>> here before?
>> Cheers,
>> Mark
> Hi Mark,
> Please count me in as well. I am currently unable to get to most Tuesday
> night LUG meetings but would be interested in helping with your project. I
> consider myself and enthusiastic but not an expert user. I have recently
> taken early retirement so may be available during 'normal office hours'. I
> currently live near Durham but will be moving to Spennymoor in the summer.
> Regards,
> Barry Titterton
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