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Wed May 14 14:04:50 UTC 2014


I need some clear idea of what we are offering and our goals, so that I can
begin to put together some sort of poster/flyer.  I like to do this well
early, as everyone can then tear it apart and rehash it.  I'm going to be
away for most of July including the "great day" so I need to get going with
this, urgently.

I've been pondering the images and I think what might work for background
images is start screens of different versions/flavours of Linux.  I'll get
them for Xubuntu and Ubuntu myself.  Can others let me have some easily
accessible images of other flavours please.  I'll be laying out on my old
XP machine using Office (sorry but the drivers for my printer on Linux are
much too limited).  I'm expecting to be producing posters up to A3 size so
images must take being blown up to a fair size (at least A5) and remember,
I may be taking out sections of an image, so if it'll take going up to at
least A4 without pixillating obviously, that would be good.



On 14 May 2014 01:07, mark <mark at aktivix.org> wrote:

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> Hey.
> This is a belated thanks to everyone who came along to the meeting in
> The Vic on April 24th (you're all BCCed as this message is going to
> public lists). I said I'd write up some notes from the meeting, and so
> they're on the NELUG blog [1].
> As you can see from that, one of our decisions was that we needed to
> be inclusive of people with diverse identities and allegiances, so it
> seemed important that the skill-share project should be autonomous of
> the three organisations that are affiliated with it. For that reason,
> I've set up a new blog as well [2]. It doesn't have much going on yet,
> and we'll need to talk about domains at some point. Maybe during our
> first skill-share day?
> ...which brings me to the BIG NEWS that you all need to put in your
> diaries: we have a date for our first session, in the beautiful
> setting of the Durham Miners' Hall, from 10-3 on Saturday July 26th
> 2014. You can see my slowly-evolving attempt to document how & why
> this is going to happen in this document [3], which I'd be very
> pleased if people were to comment on, edit, remix, mash up and send
> back to me. I'm not an expert y'know, I'm just some guy having a go.
> Which means you all can too.
> The other fun that's happening at the moment is that Barry and I are
> helping the community support centre to get some old computers back
> into use for their volunteers and visitors to use.
> Also coming up, I'm going to do a presentation of the project to the
> next meeting of the Transition Durham Hub group, and David's going to
> be making some publicity materials. There's plenty of litte bits of
> administrative work to do, so let me know if you fancy that kind of
> thing: For example, someone needs to 'match-make' between people who
> need a computer and have none, and people who are offering to donate
> old machines.
> Bye for now,
> Mark
> [1] http://www.nelug.org.uk/time-to-share-that-free-software-love/
> [2] https://network23.org/df3s/
> [3]
> http://www.nelug.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/skillshare-proposal.odt
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