[Durham] big increase in firewall alerts

Dougie Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Mon Oct 6 06:29:44 UTC 2014

Not really Linux related but seeing huge increase in firewall alerts from my router. Started yesterday afternoon. The source IP varies. Anyone else noticed an increase in activity?

2014/10/06 06:18:38 -- [DOS][Block][tcp_flag, scanner=xmas_scan][>][TCP][HLen=20, TLen=60, Flag=UPAF, Seq=1540996429, Ack=0, Win=6667]
2014/10/06 06:19:00 -- [DOS][Block][tcp_flag, scanner=syn_rst][>][TCP][HLen=20, TLen=60, Flag=USR, Seq=1578576465, Ack=0, Win=6667]
2014/10/06 06:20:51 -- [DOS][Block][tcp_flag, scanner=fin_wo_ack][>][TCP][HLen=20, TLen=60, Flag=USRF, Seq=1054004090, Ack=0, Win=6667]
2014/10/06 06:21:10 -- [DOS][Block][tcp_flag, scanner=psh_wo_ack][>][TCP][HLen=20, TLen=60, Flag=URP, Seq=1578576465, Ack=0, Win=6667]
2014/10/06 06:23:19 -- [DOS][Block][tcp_flag, scanner=fin_wo_ack][>][TCP][HLen=20, TLen=60, Flag=PF, Seq=3233450190, Ack=0, Win=6667]

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