[Durham] Announcing RE-PUTE.IT, a social enterprise for green laptop re-use

mark mark at aktivix.org
Tue Jul 14 16:57:20 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

I've decided to take the plunge and set up a social enterprise to turn
old windows laptops into useful linux machines. I'm hoping this will be
complementary to, and supportive of the DFS3 project and NELUG. This
email is the first real announcement, and I'm doing it on these two
lists because you're the people who've helped me get this far :-)

I'm about to ask for your help, but first here's an outline of the plan.
The details are still being sorted out but it's roughly this:

1] I get laptops, preferably 'business' machines less than 10yr old from
people or companies who don't want them anymore

2] Wipe the drives and fix them up to run a user-friendly linux with
common applications.

3] Sell for a fixed price (probably £100). Bicycle delivery and
demonstration included (e.g. to get the wifi working).

4] Guarantee that it will get from power-up to working browser in under
a minute and edit word docs as well as open standard documents.

4] Buyer gets membership of a Saturday morning computer club - the
business will pay for room hire (I'm looking for a grant to cover that)
- assisted by volunteers I hope

5] Any unusable equipment gets sent to a friendly local WEEE operator
who's also a social enterprise

6] Anyone who really wants windows gets signposted to one of the small
local firms who deal with that already, and hopefully we have friendly
reciprocal arrangements whereby they send anyone asking about linux
laptops to me.

So here's how you can help!

- Do you know any businesses who are likely to be getting rid of a batch
of laptops? If so, please let me know.

- Would you be able to spare a few hours on the first Saturday of the
month to help with the 'club'?

- Do you work with windows/apple systems and want to be a "mutual referrer"?

- Would you be interested in some occasional paid work if it really
takes off? I can't give any guarantee that this will happen but
obviously if it does, you trusty collaborators will get the first call,
so let me know if you're up for that.

- I'm open to suggestions in general (you folks have already been really
helpful and if you have any more hints and pointers, let me know)

There'll be an official launch when I've got the marketing materials and
web presence sorted out - I'll keep you posted. Please tell your friends
and contacts, especially if they might help me source some unwanted kit.

Cheers all,

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