[Durham] Announcing RE-PUTE.IT, a social enterprise for green laptop re-use

Barry Titterton titterton.barry at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 22:14:09 UTC 2015

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On 14/07/15 17:57, mark wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've decided to take the plunge and set up a social enterprise to
> turn old windows laptops into useful linux machines. I'm hoping
> this will be complementary to, and supportive of the DFS3 project
> and NELUG. This email is the first real announcement, and I'm doing
> it on these two lists because you're the people who've helped me
> get this far :-)
> I'm about to ask for your help, but first here's an outline of the
> plan. The details are still being sorted out but it's roughly
> this:
> 1] I get laptops, preferably 'business' machines less than 10yr old
> from people or companies who don't want them anymore
> 2] Wipe the drives and fix them up to run a user-friendly linux
> with common applications.
> 3] Sell for a fixed price (probably £100). Bicycle delivery and 
> demonstration included (e.g. to get the wifi working).
> 4] Guarantee that it will get from power-up to working browser in
> under a minute and edit word docs as well as open standard
> documents.
> 4] Buyer gets membership of a Saturday morning computer club - the 
> business will pay for room hire (I'm looking for a grant to cover
> that) - assisted by volunteers I hope
> 5] Any unusable equipment gets sent to a friendly local WEEE
> operator who's also a social enterprise
> 6] Anyone who really wants windows gets signposted to one of the
> small local firms who deal with that already, and hopefully we have
> friendly reciprocal arrangements whereby they send anyone asking
> about linux laptops to me.
> So here's how you can help!
> - Do you know any businesses who are likely to be getting rid of a
> batch of laptops? If so, please let me know.
> - Would you be able to spare a few hours on the first Saturday of
> the month to help with the 'club'?
> - Do you work with windows/apple systems and want to be a "mutual
> referrer"?
> - Would you be interested in some occasional paid work if it
> really takes off? I can't give any guarantee that this will happen
> but obviously if it does, you trusty collaborators will get the
> first call, so let me know if you're up for that.
> - I'm open to suggestions in general (you folks have already been
> really helpful and if you have any more hints and pointers, let me
> know)
> There'll be an official launch when I've got the marketing
> materials and web presence sorted out - I'll keep you posted.
> Please tell your friends and contacts, especially if they might
> help me source some unwanted kit.
> Cheers all, Mark
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Hi Mark,

Count me in. I will help with anything I can: Saturday club,
collecting bulky stuff in my car etc.

Barry T
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