[Durham] awstats and weblogs

Dougie Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Sat Mar 7 21:48:53 UTC 2015

Has anyone had much success with awstats?

The website www.elvet-striders.org.uk runs on a linux platform hosted by 
Mythic Beasts. I have shell access to the account (not not root access 

I take regular backups and have a local mirror of the apache access 
logs. I thought I'd be able to install awstats and analyse the logs 
copied from Mythic-Beasts but I'm confused about how to configure 
things. I also tried installing awstats directly (in the 'elvet' 
account) on Mythic Beasts but couldn't figure out how to configure it.

I've also been looking at Google Analytics and statcounter. I'm leaning 
more to statcounter as it seems a bit simpler and not as goal/marketing 
driven as GA. I'm not really interested in selling anything or adwords 
or anything like that. But statcounter wants its code embeded 'in every 
page' - and I'm not quite sure what that means. Does it mean, every 
directory? Or every html or php file? Some directories don't have an 
index file as they're just a collection of individual html files.

I'm really just looking for some simple webstats - page hits of 
individual pages mostly. I'd be interested in an avenues worth exploring 
that don't involve too much heavy lifting.


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