[Durham] meeting tomorrow / advice on PXE utility please?

mark mark at aktivix.org
Mon Sep 14 21:09:57 UTC 2015

Thanks all for the pointers folks.

fogproject.org certainly looks interesting. I've also been looking at
clonezilla, parted magic, systemrescuecd and the sources for the lenovo
official diagnostic image (it's an odd one - requires ubuntu11.04 to
build but the resulting system is jessie?!)

The information doesn't have to be too detailed - just stuff like how
much RAM is there, what's the SMART status of the disk, what's the
battery max charge (versus design max charge)... so yes, reading from
/proc might be enough, if I can drop a suitable script into the image.

The task is to make an inventory of what I've been delivered soon after
it arrives, so that I can raise any queries promptly with the supplier
rather than waiting until a problem emerges in use (and to make sure I
got what I paid for!)

I'll bring a sample machine along tomorrow for people to look at.


On 14/09/15 17:34, chris wrote:
>  Fog ? More an imaging tool but iirc has some.register / audit stuff built in
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> Yes, meeting is tomorrow... Apologies for lack of reminder...
> What kind of basic info are you after? Seems lshw might be too detailed...
> Might be able to hand craft a script to pull the info from /proc/cpuinfo, /proc/meminfo
> Regards
> Richard
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