[Durham] meeting reminder

Jannetta Steyn jannetta at henning.org
Tue Apr 19 07:52:20 UTC 2016

Hi All

I'm going to try and make it to the group tonight. I've been once or 
twice before but it is a bit difficult for me to make it regularly with 
family commitments and all.

However, I think you guys might be able to (and hopefully want to) help 
me with something exciting. My daughter is a student at New College 
Durham and she has to raise funds for going on a World Expedition Trip 
to Sri Lanka next year. The group gets to help out on community project 
in small villages and the students get some experience in community 
work, leadership and see a bit what life is like outside of our comfy 
bubbles :-)

So I came up with the idea of hosting a Minecraft Scavenger Hunt 
Competition.  We "bury" blocks that are prizes in a Minecraft world and 
participants have to dig to find the prizes. We are thinking of making 
this a whole day thing at the college while at the same time as the 
scavenger hunt also running mini games and a market where people can 
sell Minecraft related items.

I started working through Spigot tutorials to learn to write plug-ins 
and I have a student with a lot of experience in plug-ins to help me. 
But this is only a small part of it all as you can imagine. The biggest 
problem is the network infra-structure. I was hoping to get the college 
IT on our side but they couldn't even be bothered to respond to my 
email. So at the moment I am working with one of the teachers on the 
idea of hosting the competition in the sports hall where we figure we 
can have up to 72 power points and we'll create a network with some 
switches and 10baseT cat5 cable. People then bring their own laptops.

So this is the basic information for a start. I'm sure there are some 
Minecraft enthusiast on this list. I would like to hear from you. Do you 
think it is a good idea? Do you have any suggestions? Would you be able 
to help in some way? Do you know where I can get switches enough for 72 
computers and a shed load of cat5? (We can make up the cables ourselves 
so we just need to connectors and a large roll of cable)

Hope to hear from you all.

Kind Regards

Dr Jannetta S Steyn
Experimental Scientific Officer
Bioinformatics Support Unit,
Newcastle University, Newcastle, NE2 4HH
Web: http://www.jannetta.com

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