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Mint Cinnamon 17.3 64 bit from LXF 207 Feb 16

Its been a long time since I came to the group as most of the talk was way above my head and I use desktops not laptops as they are easier to modify so that was another reason.
I hope I have got the posting right as its many years since last time.

Installed Mint OK but it will not recognise password or username which I had installed a few minutes earlier.
Typing them in correctly  with correct case several times just gave the message  that either wrong names had been entered or the case was wrong.

I have re installed four times now booting on to a clean HDD and no mistake has been made.  During install I went through the process of getting Mint  to identify the keyboard which is a Microsoft business model of British format. 

It is on its own drive dual booted from the BIOS for either the Linux or Win 7 drives.  I do not use the Grub bootloaders etc as experience shows that if you remove Linux you lose access to Windows and have to start all over again.
I  am quite proficient with windows PC's but relatively new with Linux having tried a couple of distros in the last ten years but now wish to make a determined effort with Mint.
Hope you can advise so I can move on.  Found nothing definite on Google which was mainly people losing their passwords which is not this case.
Thanks in anticipation that you may be able to help me with something not too complicated.

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