[Durham] any volunteers to do informal teaching sessions?

mark mark at re-pute.it
Thu Feb 18 22:25:26 UTC 2016

Hey people,

Would any of you like to do a short teaching session for re-pute.it?

We're running drop-in sessions for customers to get after-sales support
and a bit of peer-led learning, on the first Saturday of each month at
Alington House in Durham. The first two have gone well, thanks to Barry
helping out.

People are starting to ask for particular topics to be covered and I'm
trying to put together a programme of themed sessions. I wondered if
anyone would like to take one or more of these on? Here's what's been
requested so far:

 * file permissions, users & groups in linux
 * security concerns (viruses, bogus websites, who's spying on you?)
 * syncing browsers with browsers on other computers
 * syncing computer to smartphone
 * data recovery when your disk fails
 * index / search (for a static website or filesystem)
 * power-saving tips (powertop, BIOS settings, off-grid arrangements etc.)
 * simple DIY laptop maintenance
 * how the internet works

We're trying to keep it simple enough to be accessible to beginners, but
it's participant-led so there's no upper limit on geekiness. There's
access to a projector and wifi.

Happy to discuss on or off list...



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