[Durham] website refresh

mark mark at re-pute.it
Wed Jan 20 14:05:03 UTC 2016


I've fixed nelug.org.uk so that our "about" page is fixed on the front.
The blog content is all still at the same URLs so there should be no
broken links caused by this change, you just have to know the URL for a
post or navigate the menus to get to it.

I noticed there were links to 3 social media entities in the last
paragraph. I've verified the FB one is still live. The google+ and
twitter ones I can't verify as I don't use them, so please could someone
else have a look at those?

I guess that last paragraph should also have a link to our new Meetup
account (Olly?)

The calendar plugin didn't seem to be rendering properly so I
temporarily replaced it with a line of text.

I noticed a few plugin and theme updates are needed, which I'm happy to
sort out if Rich P can make me an admin (I'm an editor at the moment I

Cheers all,

www.re-pute.it  _/ _/ _/  a laptop with ethics to be proud of

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