[Durham] riverside network for regatta

mark mark at re-pute.it
Wed Jan 20 14:44:20 UTC 2016

I'm up for helping with this one and have blanked out my diary for the
weekend of 10-12 June 2016. We need more volunteers before and during
the event. We didn't make any new decisions last night so I'll just copy
Richard's notes as a starting point:

Key Features

• 3 primary sites: Rowing Club, Regatta Start Area, Baths Bridge/Finish
• Wired/wireless networks at each site.
• Sites connected via long range, directional wireless access points.
• The areas away from the Rowing Club rely on temporary power supplies.


The Regatta team rely on a number of computer applications to run the
annual regatta in Durham. In order to facilitate this a network is
operated across the site with a link to the wider internet via the
broadband connection at Durham ARC clubhouse.

The basic setup has been proven and the majority of the equipment has
already been purchased and a basic configuration performed. The
equipment based at Durham ARC is permanently installed and wired into
the club house infrastructure.

Both Start and Baths Bridge areas are not suitable for permanent
installation and are setup at the regatta weekend. The Start Area uses a
diesel generator/UPS to provide power. It is anticipated that the Baths
Bridge area will use 12V car battery/invertors to provide a suitable
power supply.


• Test equipment/configuration in the weeks leading up to the regatta.
• Perform final setup/testing on the Friday afternoon/evening before the
• Install/configure equipment before racing begins each morning (it is
not safe to leave equipment in the open overnight due to vandals) prior
to racing. Start area network required roughly 1 hour before racing
begins. Finish area network required roughly 20 minutes prior to racing.
• Be on hand during the racing day in case a problem arises.
• Remove equipment after racing completes each evening.


This task is essential for the regatta to proceed and having an
independent group who can take on
the responsibility to configure/setup leaves the core regatta team to
concentrate on preparing the
racing itself.

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