[Durham] Windows 7 and Linux

Rob Swan robertdavidswan at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 5 08:02:28 UTC 2016


Haven't made any meetings yet, Sorry. But no transport at present and 
Hartlepool to Durham ain't easy in the evenings. Should be along later 
in the year and if anyone knows a cello teacher in Durham my wife can 
take a lesson with while I attend the group, that's a bonus. Off topic 
but on topic ;-P

Having problems getting Win7 to see my Linux box on home network and 
wondering if anyone can help. I don't know modern Windows that well. 
Have Duck'd (DuckDuckGo, I don't Google unless I have to) extensively 
and none of the suggested solutions I've found seem to work.

I have BT Hub 5 (business version) with Linux box (Debian 8) on wired 
connection and Windows 7 (Home Premium) using WiFi, both direct off the 
BT Hub. I want to be able to use Windows Telnet client to access my 
Linux box. Windows box can ping the hub but can't see anything else.

Getting more than a little frustrated. Can't believe (even with Windows) 
it's supposed to be this tricky. Next attempt may be the lump hammer!

Any help much appreciated.


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