[Durham] Call-out: Please help us put on a cryptoparty in North East England

mark mark at re-pute.it
Tue Mar 8 11:37:44 UTC 2016

Thanks to everyone who's responded across different lists to this call.
I think we can safely say that there are enough people up for it to make
it happen - hurray!

Most of the energy seems to be from the Newcastle area, so I'm going to
suggest that the next stage is for someone in Newcastle to call a
meeting for us to talk face-to-face and make a plan. Past experience
suggests that a midweek meeting somewhere central at about 6PM is good -
does anyone have access to a meeting room they could offer, about a week
from now?

If you're interested in attending, please join up to the ORG-NE mailing
list so we don't have to keep cross-posting, and also note that Alex has
started a useful wiki-page at https://cryptoparty.in/newcastle where you
can write anything that shouldn't be lost in an email thread.

Looking forward to it!


> Call-out for help putting on a cryptoparty in Newcastle or Durham
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> There's some interest in putting on a cryptoparty in May 2016, initially
> being discussed on the Open Rights Group NE list (please subscribe and
> then reply to this message) [1]
> Some of us were involved with one in Durham about 18 months ago [2]. I'm
> sending this to our two nearest LUGs as the last one was mostly an
> off-shoot from Durham LUG and wouldn't have happened without their
> support. Also our local makers as I know some of you will be up for it.
> Please let us know if you can help us to organise, decorate, cater,
> promote, do a bit of informal teaching, or just generally increase the
> awesomeness.
> Cheers,
> Mark
>> Every time I see the snoopers' charter in the news again, I think to
>> myself, we should put on another cryptoparty.
>> If we have a core of at least four people who want to make it happen,
>> I'm sure we can do it. Say sometime in May? I can find a venue in
>> Durham but am open to someone else finding a venue elsewhere.
>> Anyone up for it?
>> Mark
> [1] https://lists.openrightsgroup.org/listinfo/org-northeast
> [2] https://www.cryptoparty.in/durham_oct14

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