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Dear all,

The re-pute.it project is now over a quarter of a year old, and to mark
the occasion I'm launching a monthly newsletter. Here is issue 1.

I think it would be a bit too spammy to send it to all of these mailing
lists every month, so please let me know if you want to get it
regularly, and I'll add you to the subscription list.

Please feel free to forward it to anyone who might be interested.



###  UTTER PIE ###

###  the re-pute.it newsletter  ###

###  Issue 1 ----- March 2016

Dear customers, friends, computer re-puters and neighbours,

Here is the first issue of "Utter Pie", the monthly newsletter of the
re-pute.it project. Based in Durham, UK, re-pute.it provides green,
reliable, affordable laptops, Linux conversions and related services.
Every month, we'll write to update you about what's happening in the
world of green computing and the free software that it relies on. Also
we'll inform you of any news about the computers we've sold, recommended
updates, hints and tips.

Subscription / unsubscription information is at the bottom of this message.


* Review process and feedback
* New website
* Re-pute.it in the News
* Getting Video to Work in Skype
* Changes to support club
* Re-pute.it Associates with Transition Durham
* Dates for your diary

Review Process

Thanks very much to all of you who've given feedback after the first
three months of re-pute.it. It seemed like an important thing to do
because there haven't been as many sales of laptops as expected, yet
people have been asking for other things, e.g. getting Linux installed
on their own laptops. So it was time to take stock and think about the
next steps for the project. Here are a few of the highlights -

 - People are highly satisfied with Thinkpads and Mint
 - The support club is seen as a very high value service
 - There are some great opportunities for development, including;
   - to be more inclusive of younger people, schools and colleges
   - to make more links with other local groups
   - to produce more media (web, email, social media) about the project
 - Review needs to be a continuous process, so more feedback is always

New Website

Following on from the idea of producing more media, you're already
reading a newsletter which is the first of several developments. Next,
you'll notice some changes being made to the website at www.re-pute.it,
which at first will just be a change in appearance, but over time you'll
see new features being added. There'll be a blog, more details about
different products & services, hints & tips for green computing and more.

Also, re-pute.it has a facebook presence [1] because that seems to be
the best way to reach some people, however we don't encourage people to
use facebook so we promise that anything that we put on there will be
available through other channels, i.e. this monthly newsletter or the
website. Any offers of contributions on relevant topics are welcome -
just reply to this email to discuss.

Re-pute.it in the News

Since launching, we've been featured in Cross Quarterly (Neville's Cross
community newsletter), Durham Times [2] and the award-winning blog
Tracing Green [3]. Thanks to all three for providing their own unique
angle on the project.

Getting Video to Work in Skype

Skype is owned by Microsoft, so it's no surprise that since they
acquired it, support for Linux has been getting worse. Some of you may
have noticed that in Linux Mint, certain webcams don't just work when
you plug them in.

If this effects you, we'd recommend this procedure:

 - firstly, make sure you're in the 'video' group (menu > administration
   > users and groups > manage groups) then log off and on again

 - if it still doesn't work, try typing this at the command line:

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype

 - if it still doesn't work, let Mark know and he'll try to find a
   solution for you

Changes to Support Club

Although the support club is highly valued by those who attend, there's
plenty of space for more people to come and benefit. It would be good to
see more potential customers there, getting an idea of what's on offer
before they buy a laptop, so please invite any friends who might be
considering buying a new computer or feeling unsure whether they can
manage the change to Linux (hopefully we can inspire confidence in the
majority for whom it is appropriate, without misleading the few for whom
it isn't).

In order to make the support club more decentralised, we'll be
introducing a new format in which customers & other Linux users are
encouraged to "show and tell", which could mean bringing a project to
discuss, or just sharing what you learnt about your computer or used it
for in the last month.

Also note that we'll be hiring the room for two hours rather than three
for the time being, with an option to increase back up to three hours or
even longer if we get busy.

Re-pute.it Associates with Transition Durham

Transition Town Initiatives aim to to support and encourage local action
on peak oil, climate change and community resilience. On March 30th,
re-pute.it joined several other local groups in becoming an Associated
Organisation of Transition Durham. Anyone who wants to get a broader
idea about local campaigning for a sustainable future would do well to
look at their great website [4].

Dates for your Diary

2nd April 2016 (Saturday), 11 AM - 1 PM, and the 1st Saturday each month
Re-pute.it computer support club
Room 2, Alington House Community Association, 4 North Bailey, Durham

Bring a Linux-related project, a support question, a friend or just
Cafe will be open

19th April 2016 (Tuesday), 7.30 PM - 10.30(ish), and the 3rd Tuesday
each month
Durham Linux User Group
Bar, Durham Amateur Rowing Club, Green Lane, Durham

Informal meeting open to anyone interested in Linux
Bar will be open

22nd May 2016 (Sunday), 1 PM - 3 PM
CryptoParty Newcastle [5]
The former creche room, Level 2, Newcastle Library, Newbridge Street,

Learn how to protect your privacy on-line using simple cryptographic tools
There will be cake

And Finally ...

Green computing is only one small part of what it'll take to save the
world - we think that personal, social and environmental well-being
requires balance. So don't spend all your hours looking at a screen.
It's a good time to be sowing some broad beans, getting your bicycle
out, ending extractivism [6] or just enjoying a stroll in the woods.

Best wishes from mark at re-pute.it

[1] https://facebook.com/re-puteit
[2] http://www.durhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/14170089.display/
[3] http://tracinggreen.uk/lifestyle/repute-laptop-upcycling/
[4] http://www.transitiondurham.org.uk/
[5] https://cryptoparty.in/newcastle
[6] https://breakfree2016.org/

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