[Durham] FREE various old harddrives

A Pearson a.pearsonx at zen.co.uk
Mon Jul 24 20:12:06 UTC 2017

Hi Dougie

Although I have not been to a meeting for some years I still follow the mailing list.
I have SATA and IDE/ATA facilities the latter still being my mainstay on the computers I have in regular use where I keep running out of storage as some drives are too small for modern needs which is a regular problem now they are no longer available. They are also used for backups.  So yes I would be happy to make use of them if still available.  I live locally at Bournmoor so collection is not a problem.  Thanks.

Alan Pearson
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  I've gone through my old drives and have 2 SATA and 13 ATA drives if anyone wants them. 

  You have to take them all. I'm tidying up.

  I believe they're all working. They've all had two passes of 'shred' without reporting any errors.

  If anyone's interested I could bring them down to a meeting, or if you're local (Durham) you could pick them up or I could drop them off.

  maxtor sata 250gb
  seagate sata 500gb

  seagate ata 60gb
  wd 250gb
  deskstar 120gb
  seagate barracuda 160gb
  seagate barracuda 160gb
  seagate u6 20gb
  ibm djna-352500 25gb
  ibm deskstar 30gb
  seagate barracuda 80gb
  quantum fireball ~4gb?
  wd caviar 160gb
  seagate barracuda 160gb
  hitachi deskstar 500gb


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