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A Pearson a.pearsonx at zen.co.uk
Sat Nov 18 17:20:01 UTC 2017


I gather getting printers for use on Linux is not straight forward and some companies do not seem to produce drivers.
 Although Epson and HP seem to cover the issue, not all Canon Printers seem to be compatible.
I have used Epson in the past on Windows but found they wasted the majority of ink on cleaning rather than occasional printing, and been put off HP by their antics over the years.

So it back to trusty Canon, unless you put me off.  I need to buy a replacement for a very old Canon on my internet machines that accommodates Win XP,  Win 7, and Linux.  Many printers now do not now cater for XP but I see it is possible to get drivers from Canon for the Pixma MG5750. all in one with scanner and 32/64Bit for Linux.

On one computer I have Linux Mint 64 Bit with Cinnamon.  (A recent install)
I believe Mint is base on a Ubuntu fork and ultimately derived from Debian.  Am I  that correct?
The reason for asking is that there are a number of drivers each for scanner or printer.  I am assuming the ones I need are the two named Debian Package Archive (not rpm- RedHat).  Source files are also shown but I assume I will not need those, presumably they are for the experts doing compiling?

Hope you can advise me as I have got fed up trying unblock a print head and hope to make a new purchase this weekend.

Many thanks

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